Note to all RAICES employees: never discuss the union or conduct union organizing during work hours or on work platforms or devices! Organizing a union is a legally protected activity, but only if you do it off the clock! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!


Employees in all departments at RAICES are uniting to form a union with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, Local 32035 of the Communications Workers of America.

We are passionate about our work serving the immigrant community. It’s difficult and demanding, but often very rewarding. Though we care deeply about the organization’s mission, our clients, and our fellow team members, the fact remains that it is our workplace. Currently, staff members–the majority of whom are women and people of color–do not have any formal seat at the table to negotiate salary, benefits, and workplace policies. Collective bargaining with a union is the only way to achieve legally binding negotiations on behalf of all employees.

Unions help human rights nonprofit organizations model justice and equity in the workplace. As nonprofit employees, we understand that our organization is not a factory or a tech company generating profits. But we also know that RAICES has grown substantially in the past few years and we want to empower all employees to negotiate fair salaries and benefits. And just as importantly, we want formalized transparency at RAICES, including wage scales and consistent PTO policies.

Recently, employees at other legal services and social justice nonprofits such as ACLU, SPLC, Lambda Legal, and Color of Change have successfully unionized to make their organizations stronger and more equitable. We hope to be next. Join us!